Virtual Event Production Services

At The Times Center, our mission is simple: collaborating with our clients to create extraordinary events. With our virtual event production service, our seasoned technical staff works with you to create high-quality virtual events, ensuring a seamless experience for your company and your attendees watching at home.

As events pivot from in-person to virtual, high production value remains a top priority. The Times Center’s expert technical staff understands the ins and outs of making a well-run virtual event happen, and we’re here to help. We provide a New York Times expert event technician assigned as your virtual event producer, handling all technical aspects of a livestream, including but not limited to:

  • Selecting the right virtual event host for your business and event
  • Speaker equipment package including a high-quality microphone, environmental lighting and additional remote production equipment
  • Coaching and rehearsals with your speakers on how to use equipment and look their best onscreen
  • Facilitating Q. and A., audience call-in, live chats, polling and other interactive features

While you focus on the content, we’ll make sure your production is seamless, the platform is the right fit for your event, and attendees joining from anywhere in the world have a consistent experience.